Abortion has always been an ethical question that people ask themselves about whether it should be legal or not. Whenever we hear about an abortion that had been done unnecessarily or without any reason, we think that it is inhuman. And the one who does is a kind of murderer because they kill their kids inside themselves. But we do never know what could be the reason behind such decisions. As everyone knows there are girls who are raped or, are incest to do sexual act in these cases there would not be any other choice but to abort the kid.

There are also other reasons which force women to abort their child, for example; financial problems, family problems,health problems, etc. I realized these situations or problems  are not easy to face, after I learned about my cousin, who aborted her child and no one did not know the reason why she did that . But after talking to her I learned that she had some health problems because of which she could not bear that child, and while talking about her kid she was crying.  Then I realized that we cannot judge any one just by knowing about what they did, there is always a reason behind every action someone makes. By saying this I do not mean that every single person who aborts her child has at least one of these problems, I agree that there are also some people who are careless, and do not use any protection or any contraception which can prevent pregnancy. And mostly these kind of people would abort more than 3 or 4 times in their life.  So, we should not penalize those who have their own reason.



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