Doctors promoting new drugs

Doctors are considered one of the most important people in this world. They are put on the high level in the society because they are the one who are supposed to save other people’s life.  Normally people do not question themselves about the medications that doctors prescribe them. But I think now, it is time to ask questions form the doctors and ourselves about what do take as medication because it seems that there are some doctors who are earning money by promoting and prescribing new medications to people which are found in pharmacies.

I think like me, the majority of people believe that we can count on doctors blindly, we always think that they would never do something wrong to their patients. So these kind of news, that doctors are paid for promoting and prescribing new drugs in pharmacies, would shock any one.  And if all doctors start to do the same thing, prescribing new medications to the patients even when they know that those medications would not help the patient, it will mean that humanity would  not exist any more in this world only because some doctors want to fill up their pockets. If all doctors would do that I think no body would be able to believe any  other person in their life.

To conclude, doctors are respected and at some point considered “noble” because of what they are doing, so if they do not respect importance that people give them would cost us the lost of Humanity for our lives, societies and from our world.



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