“Tell coca cola to stop killing people”

Now, beside animals humans are also losing their values amongst other being humans. The only thing that separate the workers of Coca Cola Company and the owners of the company is money. Those rich people have lost their sense of feeling and sentiments because of their money. All they think and want is money no matter what happens to the people who work for them. In companies of coca cola the worker do not have the right to talk about the company to media. Because if they do they risk to be thrown out of the company and get killed by the people paid by the company. Almost everyone in this world know about this stories but there is no one taking any action about it or if someone do take action the person will face so many obstacles that he/she eventually will give up and accept to lose. Brief,  the rich people have become blind to everything without money, because all they see is money and all they want is money regardless of how they are going to earn that money, which means that even human life do not have any value in front of money for them. So, we should wake up take and take action for the sake of human life and humanity because if these situations continue one day humanity and human life will lose its value in this world.



Animal in worst situations in food industries

Have you ever thought about how those animals are feed, or in what kind of environment those animals are raised that you buy or consume every day. According reports the animals in the food industries are kept in the worst situations, for example; they keep so many pigs in a room that there are not even place for them to sit, and in order to prevent pigs from biting each other’s tail they cut the pigs tail because that can cause diseases. And to make them grow as fast as possible they take all kinds of antibiotics that grow the animal’s mass but not the bones, so they so over weight that the animals cannot even stand and walk properly. This is totally unacceptable and inhuman because the owner of those industries just think about own profit and only think about filling their own pockets by doing no matter what they do. Are humans become that much unmerciful that they keep those innocent animals in the worst situation possible?  Or just because those are animals and cannot talk so we can do with them whatever we want to do with them regardless of the fact that they are living things, and they are also hurt when they are treated in that way. As humans for humanity we should respect life no matter what that living thing is.


Mass production of animals and antibiotics

In today’s world there are mass production in all industries, so one of the most important one is food industries which have impacts on people’s health and their lives. As matter of fact, if we let grow animal naturally it will take them so much time to get in the food industries and the prices for those commodities would be much higher than what they are. So in order to make the animals grow faster farmers use to give them antibiotics. And there are some of those antibiotics which cause health problems in animals which will eventually be transferred to humans or consumers if they do not cook well the meat. There is not only one question that we should ask ourselves about that. First of all, do we have the right to make animal grow unnaturally by giving them all kinds of antibiotics? Secondly, are these acts done for humans good or for the worst? Depending on people’s way of thinking everyone can have different opinions about this situation. One can say that all these are done humans good and to feed them so even he people who do farming and are gaining some money out of it is understandable. And people who consume those products should be aware of all the process. But on the other hand as a human we should be concern about what we do others and what we are providing them.



New technologies in development

As we know that there are many kinds of project research and trial are performed in all corner of the world. There is one of the newest material I have ever heard is the goggles to see during the night. Which includes infrared light that will help to see hidden objects in dark night. The googles are not produced yet but there are computerized models of those goggles. Now the question that we can ask ourselves is the following; is it necessary for human being to have those goggles? Will those googles not be used for destroying any place or any people? One can make a decision saying that they will not sell the product to no matter who, but they will only sell to those people who will use the goggles for a good purpose of a good reason. As a human being we should always thing about the new technologies that will be released in the market, and also think about their effects that the product can have on humanity as a whole. Once again because as humans it is our duty to protect humanity and human right in this world, because if no one take actions on wrong decisions the day when humanity will be totally destroyed will not be so far. So the making of those goggles are not impossible because there are already some kind of goggles that army use in desert countries to fight during night, and use those to kill their enemies or their opponents.



Bionic hand offering sense of touch

Today, science is has developed so much that a person who have lost his/her hand because of some reason can have an artificial hand which can make feel an object as it would feel with a human hand. There are definitely some ethical questions about the making of human body parts which would make people feel like they have real hand or other body parts, but at the same time this is a good evolution for human being. Because there are so many people who loses their hand after an accident or because of some other reasons this can give them a chance to have back their body parts and make them feel complete physically even if these hand are not totally natural. This can also give people for some other physical problems that people have. Ethically, if there are something made or created for human goods, is reasonable but if people start to use that facility in a negative way then there should be actions taken because if there would not be any immediate reaction to that action than the situation would get worst. And eventually will be out control like other problem in our societies and in other parts of the world.  Knowing that this facility is not common yet and have not developed much yet there are not people who are using it, there are not any problem yet. But we can ask ourselves from now that what this technology will bring to our society.


Human testing

So far we have heard about animal testing which is already shocking for society, but what we do not know is that human testing exists also in the field of medical science. Because scientists think that there are some medicals, therapies and kinds of treatments that can react very different in body of on living thing than the other. In order, to observe the reaction of those medication or therapy in human body they use human being.  According to FDA when such experiments are done, the doctors gives all the details about the experiment to the person on whom they perform the experiment, and also the experiments are done after the consent of the person. But they do not always tell the patient about the further consequences of the experiment. And in most of cases the experiment cause more disabilities to the patient. There are also some of those patient who are killed because of some reason and in those cases doctors or the person who performs the experiment are not blamed because people think that those patients were told the consequences of the experiment, which is no always right. This is significant question that all of us can ask ourselves that if the society has already lost humanity. Because if we do not ask ourselves now then it will be late after that, if we do not ask this question now humanity, humans, and living things will not only lose its place in society but also from the world.


Organ transplant

Today there are many ways of saving human life by using different sources and different machineries. But there are also some health problems that cannot be solved with all those available machines, example if an organ of a person is failed that cannot be diagnosed by any machinery or any medications. The only way to keep those people alive is to perform an organ transplant, but that does not mean killing other beings to keep alive another. If the person who is donating is dying already, which means that they have serious health problems and they cannot move from their bed, and cannot do anything and so they accept to do transplant it could cause no problem to the society. There are some countries where people can sell their kidney for some amount of money, which means that this inhuman act is accepted by some people around the world. As an individual I find it very shocking and inhuman because those people are not destroying a healthy person’s life just for some amount of money. And what is even more shocking than that is doctors are paid even a large amount if they find a donor for any rich person who needs transplant. This raise an ethical question because if it continuous and human body parts or organ swill become a commodity (product) in this world which would no respect for life and human life. It is an alarm for all human beings to act upon these kinds of situations before it’s too late to take action.