Alcohol and health problems

Now days, people’s best weekend part or moment is to go out with their friends and have drink with them. And most of those people do not drink alcohol just because they like it but because they find it “cool” to drink without knowing the effects of it on their body. There are so many health problems that alcohol can cause in our bodies, but all people think it does is that it just make us forget about everything (unconscious). But the problems that it cause are serious for example it can cause breast cancer, heart problems, problems of blood pressure and many other which can put a humans life in danger. And consumption of alcohol increases everyday not only by the adults but also by young people which can have severe effects on their future and on their health also.  So drinking alcohol is necessary for a human being in order to survive, hence people should consume less alcohol for the sake of their own health. Because consuming less alcohol can benefit them rather than consuming. Hence why adults should talk about this to their youngster because if they do not do talk to them they will ruin their life and their physical situation also by consuming more and more alcohol. And elders also should consume less because youngsters learn from their elders and from their peers and from the people with whom they surrounded.


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