Animal testing in laboratories

Today, in our society when we talk about the animals we think of our own profit and how to use them as source. In field of science and technology they are used as source of testing, animals are used for testing new chemical discoveries as medications. In those laboratory, there are so many dangerous chemicals which are injected into their bodies to observe reaction of the chemical and also its effects on the body of animals. But everyone in our society seems to be in agreement with such act because they say that those are just animals, people do not think that animals are also living thing like human being, and they are also hurt when they go through all kinds of painful procedure just because some chemicals are to be tested. This is an ethical issue because if people continue to think in such way then there are possibilities that people lose their respect for living things, because even now it is just because some laws scientists cannot use usually human beings for testing chemicals. But if it continues in such manner that day would not be so far when scientists apply those chemicals on humans instead of animals. According to researches done on animal testing, animals are put in very worst situations in those laboratories, they kept in cold places, put alone in a cages. When as a human being and living thing I find these situations it terrifies me because those tests are usually done on dogs, rats, rabbits, monkeys, etc. Which are all mammals, which means that they can reproduce, they can have a family. But they are kept in those laboratories alone and also in bad situation. As living thing and also as human being we should step forward and so something about these things before it happens to the humans.


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