Bionic hand offering sense of touch

Today, science is has developed so much that a person who have lost his/her hand because of some reason can have an artificial hand which can make feel an object as it would feel with a human hand. There are definitely some ethical questions about the making of human body parts which would make people feel like they have real hand or other body parts, but at the same time this is a good evolution for human being. Because there are so many people who loses their hand after an accident or because of some other reasons this can give them a chance to have back their body parts and make them feel complete physically even if these hand are not totally natural. This can also give people for some other physical problems that people have. Ethically, if there are something made or created for human goods, is reasonable but if people start to use that facility in a negative way then there should be actions taken because if there would not be any immediate reaction to that action than the situation would get worst. And eventually will be out control like other problem in our societies and in other parts of the world.  Knowing that this facility is not common yet and have not developed much yet there are not people who are using it, there are not any problem yet. But we can ask ourselves from now that what this technology will bring to our society.


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