Genetic engineering

The field of science and technology has developed all kind of new techniques and process to make better and easy human life. But beside all that comfort and ease of life it has its disadvantages also. Because those technologies now a days scientists are able to do genetic engineering, which means that using all kinds technology to mix up the genes of two different species and make new brand species, where genes are the “chemical blueprints” in all living things which describes the physical traits of that living thing. This act is not only against humanity but also it is against nature. One of common examples of genetic engineering is liger, which does not exist naturally, and are produced by mixing up the genes of tiger and lion. In this decay, scientists produce new species like liger which cannot interbreed with any other animal and cannot reproduce and this also the reason why nature does not support such kind of reproduction. These technologies are danger for humanity because now only different animal’s genes are mixed up together to create new species but what if they start doing the same thing   to humans. By doing this kind of engineering they produce infertile species. In one hand yes it is inspiring and inserting, but in the other hand think it is making damages to the society and humanity. We should think one step further by asking ourselves that what will happen when scientist will start mixing up human’s genes with an animal’s genes? What would be the consequence of that act? Or will humans be respected after that? All these questions are important to ask when we hear about new technologies. Because if we do not do that the humanity will no more exist.


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