Human testing

So far we have heard about animal testing which is already shocking for society, but what we do not know is that human testing exists also in the field of medical science. Because scientists think that there are some medicals, therapies and kinds of treatments that can react very different in body of on living thing than the other. In order, to observe the reaction of those medication or therapy in human body they use human being.  According to FDA when such experiments are done, the doctors gives all the details about the experiment to the person on whom they perform the experiment, and also the experiments are done after the consent of the person. But they do not always tell the patient about the further consequences of the experiment. And in most of cases the experiment cause more disabilities to the patient. There are also some of those patient who are killed because of some reason and in those cases doctors or the person who performs the experiment are not blamed because people think that those patients were told the consequences of the experiment, which is no always right. This is significant question that all of us can ask ourselves that if the society has already lost humanity. Because if we do not ask ourselves now then it will be late after that, if we do not ask this question now humanity, humans, and living things will not only lose its place in society but also from the world.


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