Nuclear energy

There are many weapons and other source developed for war and at the same time for protection of people. And nuclear weapons are one of them most important among them. Because if a country possess a nuclear weapon no other country will try to attack that country. There are many people who argue that these kinds of weapons are good and serve for the peace of the world but they forget to think about the terror these weapons create in peoples mind. The fact that nuclear bomb was once used in the history of world and its consequences are still present and remarkable, and still the presence of that weapon in most of the country will never rest the world in peace. Because at some point it creates terror, so there are no chances for these weapons to bring peace in this world and in people’s lives. There are also other problems related to the nuclear energy, it’s that the waste product of this kind are dumped into the ocean which has serious impacts on the living thing in the ocean. In some ways not using nuclear weapon destroy our world but also its presence and production is destroying the world by causing all kinds of other problems. So the nuclear weapons and power would never bring peace amongst people it will make them more and more violent toward other people, the decision is to taken by the us whether nuclear power, nuclear weapon should exist in this world or not.


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