Organ transplant

Today there are many ways of saving human life by using different sources and different machineries. But there are also some health problems that cannot be solved with all those available machines, example if an organ of a person is failed that cannot be diagnosed by any machinery or any medications. The only way to keep those people alive is to perform an organ transplant, but that does not mean killing other beings to keep alive another. If the person who is donating is dying already, which means that they have serious health problems and they cannot move from their bed, and cannot do anything and so they accept to do transplant it could cause no problem to the society. There are some countries where people can sell their kidney for some amount of money, which means that this inhuman act is accepted by some people around the world. As an individual I find it very shocking and inhuman because those people are not destroying a healthy person’s life just for some amount of money. And what is even more shocking than that is doctors are paid even a large amount if they find a donor for any rich person who needs transplant. This raise an ethical question because if it continuous and human body parts or organ swill become a commodity (product) in this world which would no respect for life and human life. It is an alarm for all human beings to act upon these kinds of situations before it’s too late to take action.


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