Rights to die

We all hear people saying that life and death come to some one naturally, so no one have any right to die by unnaturally. But someone, who’s very sick and is not able to do anything, can make an argument using the utilitarian ethical dilemma, which is greatest good for the greatest number of people. That person can make the decision to die because if he/she lives not only the sick person but her/his whole family will be suffering and also they will be hurt. And by making that decision he/her does not only release himself/herself form all kinds of pain and suffering but also his/her family, which is good not only for him/her but also good for her/her family. So the question that we can ask ourselves is that does that person have the right to make that decision knowing that the person wants to die unnaturally. Also is it right to keep a person alive when we know that person have chances of recovering and to continue a quality life. No, as we do not have to the right to take someone’s life we do not have the right to disrespect the decision of that person. Because the people with serious disabilities should have the right to make the decision about their life, whether they live or they die. Furthermore, it is also against humanity to keep a person in pain during his/her whole life, because those people are living with the help of all kinds of machines and medications, so that person is not even living we could say that their lives are punishment for them. Brief, everyone who has serious physical problems should have the right die or make decisions about their lives.



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