Should we accept human clonning

There are many important ethical questions in our society, and one of them is cloning. It is not usual that someone ask their selves about the ethics of cloning, but it is very important, because it can cause so many damages to the society that we are living in today. Cloning is producing an identical living thing to the other living which by using the same genetic and biological materials that the existing living already have. This also means that the new living thing, which has been produced by using the genetic material of the pre-existing organism, has the same age as the pre-existing organism. This is a very serious ethical issue because if doctors start to make those artificial being then pre-existing being would not be respected and also those artificial being could go through so many difficulties and disabilities. Furthermore, there are so many other problems can be produced by this, such as people would not give birth to natural beings but instead they would clone somebody to stay with them. Also so many other problems can produce also such cloning an important person of society and use that artificial being in a negative way, like using the power of that person to do something wrong to the society. All these thing are problematic for humanity, and for human being, because if it will happen there would not be any trust in the world, there would not be sympathy and affection between human beings. Brief, if cloning will allowed and if people would have access to that then this world would change completely for another whole new world.


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