Technology friend or foe

The technology has developed so much in 21st century, and many human activities have become easier to perform. But are these technologies being used always for good purpose, this is the question that we should ask ourselves. And the answer for is very easy to remark in our societies and in the media. In one hand there are some technologies which are being used to facilitate the human life, and to save human life, but in the other hand there are also some other sort of technologies which are being used to take of people’s life. And one of the examples of those technologies is weapons industries. All over the world, there are so many weapon industries that make tones of weapons and transport them in each corner of the world, which are being used to kill innocent people and to terrorize and torture them. Everyone knows about it through media and article but there are no reactions from anyone from other parts of the world or other countries. Should we keep silence because the people who are killed do not belong to our country? Or they belong to a religion which somehow perceive negatively in our society? As human and for the sake of humanity we should take some actions about those innocent people. Because if there are no actions taken today that day will not be so far when everyone in this world will those technologies to do of any kind they want, and that the world will be destroy.


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