Animal in worst situations in food industries

Have you ever thought about how those animals are feed, or in what kind of environment those animals are raised that you buy or consume every day. According reports the animals in the food industries are kept in the worst situations, for example; they keep so many pigs in a room that there are not even place for them to sit, and in order to prevent pigs from biting each other’s tail they cut the pigs tail because that can cause diseases. And to make them grow as fast as possible they take all kinds of antibiotics that grow the animal’s mass but not the bones, so they so over weight that the animals cannot even stand and walk properly. This is totally unacceptable and inhuman because the owner of those industries just think about own profit and only think about filling their own pockets by doing no matter what they do. Are humans become that much unmerciful that they keep those innocent animals in the worst situation possible?  Or just because those are animals and cannot talk so we can do with them whatever we want to do with them regardless of the fact that they are living things, and they are also hurt when they are treated in that way. As humans for humanity we should respect life no matter what that living thing is.


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