Mass production of animals and antibiotics

In today’s world there are mass production in all industries, so one of the most important one is food industries which have impacts on people’s health and their lives. As matter of fact, if we let grow animal naturally it will take them so much time to get in the food industries and the prices for those commodities would be much higher than what they are. So in order to make the animals grow faster farmers use to give them antibiotics. And there are some of those antibiotics which cause health problems in animals which will eventually be transferred to humans or consumers if they do not cook well the meat. There is not only one question that we should ask ourselves about that. First of all, do we have the right to make animal grow unnaturally by giving them all kinds of antibiotics? Secondly, are these acts done for humans good or for the worst? Depending on people’s way of thinking everyone can have different opinions about this situation. One can say that all these are done humans good and to feed them so even he people who do farming and are gaining some money out of it is understandable. And people who consume those products should be aware of all the process. But on the other hand as a human we should be concern about what we do others and what we are providing them.



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