New technologies in development

As we know that there are many kinds of project research and trial are performed in all corner of the world. There is one of the newest material I have ever heard is the goggles to see during the night. Which includes infrared light that will help to see hidden objects in dark night. The googles are not produced yet but there are computerized models of those goggles. Now the question that we can ask ourselves is the following; is it necessary for human being to have those goggles? Will those googles not be used for destroying any place or any people? One can make a decision saying that they will not sell the product to no matter who, but they will only sell to those people who will use the goggles for a good purpose of a good reason. As a human being we should always thing about the new technologies that will be released in the market, and also think about their effects that the product can have on humanity as a whole. Once again because as humans it is our duty to protect humanity and human right in this world, because if no one take actions on wrong decisions the day when humanity will be totally destroyed will not be so far. So the making of those goggles are not impossible because there are already some kind of goggles that army use in desert countries to fight during night, and use those to kill their enemies or their opponents.



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