“Tell coca cola to stop killing people”

Now, beside animals humans are also losing their values amongst other being humans. The only thing that separate the workers of Coca Cola Company and the owners of the company is money. Those rich people have lost their sense of feeling and sentiments because of their money. All they think and want is money no matter what happens to the people who work for them. In companies of coca cola the worker do not have the right to talk about the company to media. Because if they do they risk to be thrown out of the company and get killed by the people paid by the company. Almost everyone in this world know about this stories but there is no one taking any action about it or if someone do take action the person will face so many obstacles that he/she eventually will give up and accept to lose. Brief,  the rich people have become blind to everything without money, because all they see is money and all they want is money regardless of how they are going to earn that money, which means that even human life do not have any value in front of money for them. So, we should wake up take and take action for the sake of human life and humanity because if these situations continue one day humanity and human life will lose its value in this world.



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