Nuclear energy

There are many weapons and other source developed for war and at the same time for protection of people. And nuclear weapons are one of them most important among them. Because if a country possess a nuclear weapon no other country will try to attack that country. There are many people who argue that these kinds of weapons are good and serve for the peace of the world but they forget to think about the terror these weapons create in peoples mind. The fact that nuclear bomb was once used in the history of world and its consequences are still present and remarkable, and still the presence of that weapon in most of the country will never rest the world in peace. Because at some point it creates terror, so there are no chances for these weapons to bring peace in this world and in people’s lives. There are also other problems related to the nuclear energy, it’s that the waste product of this kind are dumped into the ocean which has serious impacts on the living thing in the ocean. In some ways not using nuclear weapon destroy our world but also its presence and production is destroying the world by causing all kinds of other problems. So the nuclear weapons and power would never bring peace amongst people it will make them more and more violent toward other people, the decision is to taken by the us whether nuclear power, nuclear weapon should exist in this world or not.


Rights to die

We all hear people saying that life and death come to some one naturally, so no one have any right to die by unnaturally. But someone, who’s very sick and is not able to do anything, can make an argument using the utilitarian ethical dilemma, which is greatest good for the greatest number of people. That person can make the decision to die because if he/she lives not only the sick person but her/his whole family will be suffering and also they will be hurt. And by making that decision he/her does not only release himself/herself form all kinds of pain and suffering but also his/her family, which is good not only for him/her but also good for her/her family. So the question that we can ask ourselves is that does that person have the right to make that decision knowing that the person wants to die unnaturally. Also is it right to keep a person alive when we know that person have chances of recovering and to continue a quality life. No, as we do not have to the right to take someone’s life we do not have the right to disrespect the decision of that person. Because the people with serious disabilities should have the right to make the decision about their life, whether they live or they die. Furthermore, it is also against humanity to keep a person in pain during his/her whole life, because those people are living with the help of all kinds of machines and medications, so that person is not even living we could say that their lives are punishment for them. Brief, everyone who has serious physical problems should have the right die or make decisions about their lives.

Technology friend or foe

The technology has developed so much in 21st century, and many human activities have become easier to perform. But are these technologies being used always for good purpose, this is the question that we should ask ourselves. And the answer for is very easy to remark in our societies and in the media. In one hand there are some technologies which are being used to facilitate the human life, and to save human life, but in the other hand there are also some other sort of technologies which are being used to take of people’s life. And one of the examples of those technologies is weapons industries. All over the world, there are so many weapon industries that make tones of weapons and transport them in each corner of the world, which are being used to kill innocent people and to terrorize and torture them. Everyone knows about it through media and article but there are no reactions from anyone from other parts of the world or other countries. Should we keep silence because the people who are killed do not belong to our country? Or they belong to a religion which somehow perceive negatively in our society? As human and for the sake of humanity we should take some actions about those innocent people. Because if there are no actions taken today that day will not be so far when everyone in this world will those technologies to do of any kind they want, and that the world will be destroy.

Alcohol and health problems

Now days, people’s best weekend part or moment is to go out with their friends and have drink with them. And most of those people do not drink alcohol just because they like it but because they find it “cool” to drink without knowing the effects of it on their body. There are so many health problems that alcohol can cause in our bodies, but all people think it does is that it just make us forget about everything (unconscious). But the problems that it cause are serious for example it can cause breast cancer, heart problems, problems of blood pressure and many other which can put a humans life in danger. And consumption of alcohol increases everyday not only by the adults but also by young people which can have severe effects on their future and on their health also.  So drinking alcohol is necessary for a human being in order to survive, hence people should consume less alcohol for the sake of their own health. Because consuming less alcohol can benefit them rather than consuming. Hence why adults should talk about this to their youngster because if they do not do talk to them they will ruin their life and their physical situation also by consuming more and more alcohol. And elders also should consume less because youngsters learn from their elders and from their peers and from the people with whom they surrounded.

Genetic engineering

The field of science and technology has developed all kind of new techniques and process to make better and easy human life. But beside all that comfort and ease of life it has its disadvantages also. Because those technologies now a days scientists are able to do genetic engineering, which means that using all kinds technology to mix up the genes of two different species and make new brand species, where genes are the “chemical blueprints” in all living things which describes the physical traits of that living thing. This act is not only against humanity but also it is against nature. One of common examples of genetic engineering is liger, which does not exist naturally, and are produced by mixing up the genes of tiger and lion. In this decay, scientists produce new species like liger which cannot interbreed with any other animal and cannot reproduce and this also the reason why nature does not support such kind of reproduction. These technologies are danger for humanity because now only different animal’s genes are mixed up together to create new species but what if they start doing the same thing   to humans. By doing this kind of engineering they produce infertile species. In one hand yes it is inspiring and inserting, but in the other hand think it is making damages to the society and humanity. We should think one step further by asking ourselves that what will happen when scientist will start mixing up human’s genes with an animal’s genes? What would be the consequence of that act? Or will humans be respected after that? All these questions are important to ask when we hear about new technologies. Because if we do not do that the humanity will no more exist.

Animal testing in laboratories

Today, in our society when we talk about the animals we think of our own profit and how to use them as source. In field of science and technology they are used as source of testing, animals are used for testing new chemical discoveries as medications. In those laboratory, there are so many dangerous chemicals which are injected into their bodies to observe reaction of the chemical and also its effects on the body of animals. But everyone in our society seems to be in agreement with such act because they say that those are just animals, people do not think that animals are also living thing like human being, and they are also hurt when they go through all kinds of painful procedure just because some chemicals are to be tested. This is an ethical issue because if people continue to think in such way then there are possibilities that people lose their respect for living things, because even now it is just because some laws scientists cannot use usually human beings for testing chemicals. But if it continues in such manner that day would not be so far when scientists apply those chemicals on humans instead of animals. According to researches done on animal testing, animals are put in very worst situations in those laboratories, they kept in cold places, put alone in a cages. When as a human being and living thing I find these situations it terrifies me because those tests are usually done on dogs, rats, rabbits, monkeys, etc. Which are all mammals, which means that they can reproduce, they can have a family. But they are kept in those laboratories alone and also in bad situation. As living thing and also as human being we should step forward and so something about these things before it happens to the humans.

Should we accept human clonning

There are many important ethical questions in our society, and one of them is cloning. It is not usual that someone ask their selves about the ethics of cloning, but it is very important, because it can cause so many damages to the society that we are living in today. Cloning is producing an identical living thing to the other living which by using the same genetic and biological materials that the existing living already have. This also means that the new living thing, which has been produced by using the genetic material of the pre-existing organism, has the same age as the pre-existing organism. This is a very serious ethical issue because if doctors start to make those artificial being then pre-existing being would not be respected and also those artificial being could go through so many difficulties and disabilities. Furthermore, there are so many other problems can be produced by this, such as people would not give birth to natural beings but instead they would clone somebody to stay with them. Also so many other problems can produce also such cloning an important person of society and use that artificial being in a negative way, like using the power of that person to do something wrong to the society. All these thing are problematic for humanity, and for human being, because if it will happen there would not be any trust in the world, there would not be sympathy and affection between human beings. Brief, if cloning will allowed and if people would have access to that then this world would change completely for another whole new world.

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